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5086 aluminum diamond plate coil has higher strength than 5052 and 5083 plates. 5086 diamond aluminum coil is particularly resistant to salt water corrosion. Because 5086 aluminum coil is not heat treated, 5086 plate is easy to form, stamp and weld. 5086 tread plate is used for: boat hulls, gangways, ramps, superstructures, shipping drums, support structures for marine applications.

5086 Aluminum tread checkered plates coils are very resilient against aggressive substances and therefore, they regarded as indestructible. Due to their durability, they are used in many different areas because they do not lose their shape or look, even after a long time. Whether industrial floors, airplanes, ships and vehicles, or stairs indoors or outdoors -5086 aluminium checker plates are a popular material which is appreciated for its excellent properties, the high resilience and the low weight. Even designers use these plates due to their decorative look.

5086 aluminum diamond sheet exhibits has excellent corrosion resistance, making it common in marine and salt water environments

5086-H32 Aluminum Sheet is frequently found in marine applications, with higher strength capacity than Aluminum Alloy 5052 or Aluminum Alloy 5083.

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