shipbuilding aluminum alloy

RuiYi Aluminum supply ship building aluminum alloy at good price

Alloy grade:5083 5A05,5A06,5754,5052,5383,5A03,5086

Temper: O,H111,H112,H116,H24,H32,H321

Dimensions: T(1.5-120) x W(1000-3100) x L( 1000-13000)mm

Applications: aluminum is the material of first selection of designers in high-speed ship,such as express ferries, LNG spherical tank type fluid reservoirs,hydrofoils, offshore working ships and yachts, and aluminum sheet is widely used to shipboards,bottom plating, portholes, carrier plates, side plates of ship containers

Aluminum sheet features: Long width, anti-corrosion, small elastic modulus, easy to welding, easy processing, without low temperature brittleness as well as non-magnetic

Main applications of aluminum alloy plates in shipping

5052 Alloy with temper O / H14 / H34,which is moderate strength, good anti-corrosion and formability, relatively high fatigue strength and is mostly used for upper structures, auxiliary structures and boats’ hulls.

3003 / 3203 alloy sheet with temper O / H112 / H12,which is 10% strength higher than aluminum alloy 1100, with good formability, weldability and anti-corrosion. 3003 /3203 alumimum alloy is good choice for interior decoration, carrier plates and side plates of liquefied petroleum gas( LPG) Tanks

aluminum alloy sheet 1050 / 1020 in temper H112 / H12 / H24 is low strength but with good processability, weldability and anti-corrosion, and high surface finishing. 1050 / 1020 aluminum alloy is mostly for interior decoration of shipping building.

Alloy sheet 5083 in temper O / H32 / H116 is typical welding alloy with the highest strength among non-heating treated alloys, good weldability and anti-corrosion,as well as low temperature performance. Alloy 5083 is the best choice for main structure of hulls, LNG spherical tank

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